25 June 2008

Long ago friends

Long ago friends, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

One of the benefits of doing a big organization job is to see what really is in all those boxes! Well, a couple of them stashed way up high brought these guys out.

They are long ago friends, loved and played with over the years. The three girls were stuffed animal hounds. Each birthday or holiday new stuffies came out and joined the group. They were pretty well taken car of, and all they needed coming out of the boxes was a good trip through the washer.

So who is here? Care Bear Cousins, Fozzy Bear, Snuggle the Bear, a few random stuffies and over to the right? Alf, good old Alf. His voice box is in another box. I'll have to pull that out too!

Stuffed Animals
And then a melee of Barbies. Yes, we were friends of Barbie's. We had all the trimming and about a gazillion dolls. Looking close at the picture you'll see a couple had their hair customized! We lived in the desert. It was hot. Even for Barbie!
A melee of barbies

Some of these will be sold. Others will be kept for the little ones. I have started a new blog, it's not quite up and running yet, to sell random stuff we no longer use around here. Reduce, reuse or recycle! The blog is called The Tag Sale. I decided to use it to sell stuff as I have tried using Amazon to sell a few things and their commissions are outrageous. I don't like Ebay, so why would I try there? We'll see how it goes.