13 June 2008

50 things. Yes, 50 things, I like about myself.

I have been inspired. Inspired by whom you ask? Well, I stumbled upon the Debra Roby's blog A Stitch In Time, yesterday while looking for info on BlogHer. Who would have known I'd discover this wonderful woman? But then again, my neighborhood just got bigger! Debra has recently penned a post of 50 things she likes about herself. It has taken off like gangbusters! I thought I'd join the crowd, well because, y'all know I'm a joiner. Maybe not a goer, but definitely a joiner!

I give you 50 things I like about myself...

1. I love my feet.
2. I love that my signature piece of clothing is a cardigan.
3. I love my unruly hair.
4. I love my dimples; Especially in my grandchildren's faces.
5. I love my hands; I see the hard work of women in them.
6. I enjoy being different, from most women my age, I know.
7. I can be alone and enjoy every minute of it.
8. I love organizing things.
9. I like that I am willing to try most anything without fear of failure.
10. I fail all the time, get up and start over.
11. I am conservative.
12. I love butter.
13. I love simple food.
14. I can cook.
15. I can speak to a crowd without fear.
16. I can go fast in my car without fear.
17. I archive memories. In boxes. Everywhere.
18. I love deeply.
19. I enjoy reading.
20. I love the beach.
21. I burn, don't tan, and still love the sun.
22. My eyes are the best shade of green.
23. Hard work is enjoyable.
24. I believe in God.
25. Creativity comes to me in the shower.
26. I can laugh anywhere.
27. I am a good friend.
28. I'm a good mom.
29. I'm a good mother in law.
30. I can take pretty good pictures. Especially of food. ;-D
31. I'll teach you anything you want to know, if I know how.
32. Languages come easy for me.
33. I enjoy your successes.
34. When I'm thin, I have a great butt. A cable guy yelled that once out of his van in a parking lot. That's how I know.
35. I have great fingernails.
36. Singing to the radio is a fun thing for me. (no comments from the peanut gallery!)
37. I argue well.
38. I can see your point of view, may not agree, but am happy you have convictions.
39. Chocolate and me are bffs.
40. I am pretty tech saavy.
41. I once changed the water pump on a Volvo 240 successfully.
42. On that same Volvo, I changed the master brake cylinder successfully.
43. I continue to love that car. Even though I sold it and regret it now.
44. I love cats. Many think they are in heaven at my house.
45. I love your dogs. Emphasis on your.
46. I can sit for hours in public and watch other people.
47. I can sew.
48. I love glass; I can turn it into a liquid and manipulate it into really neat things.
49. I could live at the ocean in a shack if you gave me one.
50. I love my nieces and nephews almost as much as I love my own kids.