10 June 2008

Oh fun, can I come too?

Yes, I know you'll all want to beg to go with me today. I have been given the opportunity to spend lots of money this morning. I get to hang around with experts and hear about features and their benefits and all the different products. Then get to choose which I think is best. Oh and did I mention I get to spend a lot of money. Money we don't have, but the husband insists I go do this for myself.

Where am I going? I don't even have to leave town. Yes, my small town has everything I need in this regard. In fact, after visiting with my mother in law and her friend (both in their 80s) the other day, I have chosen the perfect vendor. They highly recommend them. Oh, and the place is filled with men.

Men, experts, lots of money. Who knew tire shopping could be this fun? I told you you'd want to go with me.