07 August 2007

It all started as a dream...

A dream is a wish your heart makes, when it's fast asleep.

Little miss has been a princess lover from the get go. She doesn't watch a lot of tv, but her Disney princess videos are just about worn out. So for her third birthday, her parents decided Disney;and would be the perfect setting. Well, I say third birthday, but I actually mean 2 years and a few days shy of that third birthday. She got in free because the birthday was at the opposite end of the week from the day we chose to go, so that saved us all a bit of money! Yay.


We started the day with a stop for breakfast. Little miss just wanted a taco.

It was a gorgeous day. The sun was bright, a small breeze wafted through the air and we had finally arrived at our destination.

Entering D Land

The magical place of princesses and pirates! Keep your eyes peeled! You never know what you'll see!

Horse drawn car



Typical sights as you enter the park. Horses, popcorn vendors and good old Walt himself. The day was packed with sightings. Goofy, Ariel, Minnie and Mickey, and Pooh. Not a princess in sight! We had a good day, very few lines were longer than 30 minutes and the heat was not stifling. It was warm, but the occasional shade tree helped quite a bit.

More pics soon!