27 August 2007

The Italian Job Charity Run - Venice Canal

Venice Canal Photo op, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

Well, we had a great day! There were over thirty MINIs! One original and the rest 2nd generation. We got our playbook and started in Venice. What a blast!

Venice Canals

Everywhere we went we got smiles and waves. Who doesn't smile when they see a row of minis traveling together? We headed up Mulholland and wound around through Griffith Park and down Cahuenga to Steve's house. We all parked there to wait for the next leg of the run, when a guy came out and explained to us that this was where the movie had been filmed. He didn't get that all of us had planned to be there and that we knew this was the place the movie was filmed.

Unfortunately the next leg got us in a bit of a bind. You see, we found ourselves downtown in the middle of a political rally. We moved all of a half a block in forty five minutes. ugh. We were given instructions to skip a leg if we got behind so it was 2 p.m. and hadn't had lunch so we skipped a couple of legs and went to the farmer's market and had lunch. just one pic of lunch:

Muffelata Sandwich

Yes, that is. A Muffelata sandwich. It's cajun and has the best olive relish on it it makes me drool looking at the photo. Mmmmm. Finished lunch and then back to the race.

No matter where we were, there were helicopters overhead. It fit in well with the theme of the movie! In the end, we gathered together to hand out some prizes and get a gold brick. It was a good day!

Steve was Everywhere!

Getting the Gold

Play book