20 August 2007


Progress, originally uploaded by foodchronicles.

So I have made a bit pf progress in the crafting department. I was trying to use up some stash fabric for another project and stumbled upon this partially finished quilt top.

The quilt was supposed to for a daughter almost ten years ago. I got frustrated with sewing the strips together way back then. You see, there are repeats that don't belong. I don't like the same style fabric triangle touching another of the same fabric. I didn't want to tear the whole thing apart years ago, so it went into the UFO drawer. Saturday I pulled it out, lined it up and sewed it together. So what if a couple of triangles (of which you can see at least two in this photo, are touching! I'd rather it be done and make room for a few more quilts!

I love to piece quilts. I learned to piece over 25 years ago and still it is my favorite way to quilt. The guild once asked me to piece blocks for their annual fundraising quilt. I was quite honored to do so. My friend Kirsty can applique like none other. If you haven't been to her site, you mustgo for a visit, she is amazing! It is a talent that my patience level won't allow. Funny though, my oldest and thought to be the least of my daughters to be a quilter, picked up applique like she was born doing it. She wanted to make a quilt for a friend, I showed her my stash and let her have at it. The quilt turned out lovely and I had to bow in her presence too! ;-) I will have to be satisfied being one of those who cuts up fabric and sews it all back together again.

I am working on a new project that is just thrilling me to no end. Before the end of the day today, there will be pics, and a link. Yay!