25 January 2006


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I can finally post about these calendars. I made them during the holidays for my family, 3 daughters and my sis. I came across them in a crafting magazine that was in my stash and had to make them. I have always wanted a perpetual calendar so I would never miss a birthday or anniversary or special event of any kind and have never had one. So when I came across this one, and had limited funds to boot, I decided this was the gift to make.

Why wait so long to post? Well, my sis and I didn't get to see each other before Monday. She brought my gift, the really super candy covered plate, in my sig pic, before I was finished with hers. Then we went off to see daughters in Utah. Then we had the flu. Then she became undeer the weather. And got better, and went to Disneyland. Well you see.

Here are a few other pages I made:



Each page I designed was a challenge. They had a template in the book as a guideline and I could have scanned their designs and used them. However, I wanted to add a personal touch and make them something that reflected each of us. The September design came from pre-printed paper from two different sources. The song line printed was a favorite as the girls were growing up. The MINI road trip, of course, came from stamps I have and the fact that June is when everyone is traveling.

I'll post all the pics on flickr for you to see.