05 January 2006

Dancing, dancing, dancing!

Yay! My favorite silly show is back! Dancing with the Stars!

Hah! I have been watching with interest and enjoyment. George Hamilton, the lady from a soap opera and the ESPN dude so far. It's great! George has 3 broken ribs, the lady did okay, but hey - she's a girl, and then the ESPN guy whoa! He really tried! He's really bad! But hey as I said, he can only get better!

I love to dance. As you know, I am married to a musician. The only time I get to dance is in front of the tv or radio at home. He says he makes music, he doesn't dance to it. So alas my dancing bug never gets fed. So I lived vicariously through all these people! And of course, my dancing daughter, whose fate is the same as mine. He husband is 6'6" and the dancing floor will not be met with his feet either.

Best line of the night so far: after the ESPN guy got done, my husband says: see there's a reason not to dance! The guy's got more guts than me!

Wow! The professional lady wrestler just walked away, well er, danced away with this competition! She's good!