19 July 2007


Tuning up for another round of let's get to know the chronicler a bit more. I am not sure you really want or need more but Lisa is making me do this.

So here we go!

My roommate and I once: Had a crush on the same guy - Brian Beres. I still think of how cute he was and wonder where he ended up. The roommate? Not a clue where she is today, I don't infact even remember her name. oops!

Never in my life have I: Been on skis. Water or snow.

High school was: The best! I loved my high school; Go Pirates!. And the friends I had begun to make. Then halfway through my sophomore year my parents decided to move to another city and I had to start all over again. Ugh. Never was the same again.

When I’m nervous: I turn into a complete boob. I talk too much, I chew on my fingers, and I don't concentrate well.

My hair: Rocks.

When I was 5: I was already too old. I had assumed the role of mom and it was downhill from there.

When I turn my head left: I see the gigantic homage to the media that we have on the wall.

I should be
: 28 still. It is how I feel most of the time. It is so random, but I loved my 20s.

By this time next year: We will hopefully be completing our home in Arizona. Then we will invite you all over for a big big party!

My favorite aunt is
: I don't have an aunt so I can't have favorite. No uncles either. Well, I should say that I know of, my real dad stepped away from the picture when I was four and a half (other than for tormentor purposes). I am not sure if he had any siblings. I do remember a great aunt Vera once came to visit my grandmother while I was staying at her home for summer vacation. Great Aunt Vera said she was tired and needed to lie down. She went to take a nap on my grandma's bed and never woke up. They didn't go to all the drama stuff though. My grandpa sent us with grandma (brother and I) to get something from the store. When we got back Great Aunt Vera had gone. It wasn't until later that summer that I found out she died by eavesdropping on a conversation.

I have a hard time understanding: How people can walk away from their kids. I understand walking away from a spouse, believe me on that one, but kids?

You know I like you if: I joke with you. I have a really weird sense of humor so it may not seem like humor at the time, but if I clue you in on the joke, we're friends.

My ideal breakfast is: In winter - hot chocolate and a croissant. Summer - fruit and eggs, scrambled with strawberry puree is a fave.

If you visit my home town
: Tell me what it's like. I was born there and we moved three months later. Haven't been there since. But if I got to pick my home town it would be Austin Texas. The first time I landed there it was like I was home for the first time. I even comment on random strangers' blogs when I know there in Austin. It must kind of freak them out a bit. But I just love the place.

If you spend the night at my house: Please make yourself at home. What ever you want here, is yours. Good food usually, always chocolate and comfy places to snuggle. Plenty of books, conversation and not a clock in the place other than the stove so who cares what time it is?

My favorite blond is: Bri

My favorite brunette is
: It's a tie! 1st daughter and the youngest one.

The animal I would like to see flying besides birds: Whales, well, you know if you're going to do something, do it big!

I shouldn't have been
: made to move 16 times in 11 years. It stunts a person socially to have to do that! I still have problems in small groups.

Last night I: Spent more time with Jack Bauer. Oh no!

A better name for me would be
: Excuse me can you tell me where I can find... It's weird, no matter where I go, people think I work there. Just call me familiar girl!

I've been told I look like: Lisa's step mom. Interesting.

If I could have any car, it would be: I already have it!
My Bluebonnet!

But I did see a car that I just have to drive just once! A McLaren 722 Mercedes, and if someone gave it to me, I'd keep it.
McLaren 722

Now, if you have read this far... (and I have a blog counter, and know how long you have been here...)