17 July 2007

Costa Rica, 1960

Oh where, oh where have I been? With the dental problems I have been having lately, it has put crafting low on the priority pole. Not as low as the food gig, but low. But...

I have been doing one fun thing. Last month I ran into an old guy who had a bunch of old slides. You know those things people in the fifties and sixties used for photo storage and showing. Which one of you did not sit through an evening of slides with Uncle Bert and Aunt Dottie? It was usually accompanied with a fine treat and lots of conversation about far away places.

Well, I got to thinking about it. What do you do with all those old slides? All kinds of fun things. For instance with the old photos from Costa Rica Like this one:


I can envision taking some of these and printing them on parchment paper. then using like this for a party. You could use different scenes to give a retro look for a themed party. Or you could print them and use them for candle covers like these. The sky's the limit here girls. I am loving these old photos more and more everyday!