05 July 2007

Six Random Facts and one lie!

S'mee has given me the task of telling you a few random facts about me. Hmmmm. I am a mostly random person so this should be easy.

1. When I turned 7, Mr. Peachy our neighbor, gave me 700 pennies for my birthday. I had spent the summer in his yard learning about sweet peas and fig eaters. I'm sure I was a pest at times, but probably a bit of decent company too.

2. I won the Bank of America award for Foreign Language when I graduated high school. The only other person I know in my family to win a B of A award is my darling niece. Her award was accompanied by dollars, unlike mine which just happened to be a nice plaque.

3. My favorite old movie is "State of the Union" with Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn. I love black and white films from the forties and fifties.

4. My mother tells us that as each sibling joined the family she would present them to the next youngest child and put them in charge of the new sibling. I do not remember being given charge of my younger sister. I have two younger sisters. I don't remember either of them joining the family. But then again chaos in any amount only leads to more chaos. Does anyone ever really take roll?

5. I talked to Rod Stewart on the phone once while setting up a meeting between him and my next youngest sister. She was writing his biography and I put her in touch with him. She, unfortunately, did not take me to the meeting.

6. When I was 12 a dentist told me I would be the youngest person he ever knew with false teeth. It scared me to death. It did not however change any behavior. I was already brushing twice a day. I still have most of my own teeth. They may be crowned, but they're still mine!

7. When I was 47 I took my first helicopter pilot lesson. I still haven't completed the course, but I want to finish someday.