27 November 2007


Never comes does it! Well, I have 23 broken links to fix out of 6700 files on the new website. As soon as I've got those sorted out, I'll upload it and have a party! I am so excited for everyone to see it. It really looks nice, if do say so myself.

Other news. It is not even cold outside. The holidays are here and it would be nice to see a bit of cold weather. But alas, it looks as though it will be another warm winter in California. It's good we get to visit snow on occasion.

We went to look at lights again this evening ans I was surprised to see how dark it was outside. We have foreclosures all over the valley and I think the economic climate has just about killed the holiday spirit in this valley. While we were driving around it seemed that every block had at least two homes in foreclosure. Seems silly to me that in a down market banks would be so quick to foreclose. Wouldn't it be easier to extend the loan on the other end? It all about collecting interest anyway. Banks are not there to provide a home for anyone, they are there to collect interest or usury. It would seem the longer they get to extend the loan the better off they are.

I will never understand why everyone in the U.S. can't have the opportunity to own a home and get an education. We are killing ourselves by not working that part of our society out. Everyone knows it makes for a better society. I guess the real thinking is that if we educated everyone no one would want to work at low paying jobs. It is the same way with home ownership. When people own homes they are better neighbors, there is pride in their surroundings and it helps them to become self reliant. Instead we keep homeownership just out of reach for a lot of people. What a backwards nation we have. I read about a guy who pitches for a major league baseball team that just got a contract for ten years to play ball. He'll earn $270 million in that time. Crazy I tell ya.