01 November 2007

Oh NaBloPoMo!

I cannot believe it is already the first day of November!!!! Tomorrow is the show and I am buried is stuff to sell. It has been a good lead up and I have been able to get a lot of items done. I am a bit worried about running out of stuff, but I guess that's a good worry. I should put up a picture of this year's ornament. It really turned out cute. It has a bit of dichroic glass to give it a good sparkle too.

2007 Ornament

This is not the final picture. Just one to show all of you how it turned out. There'll be a better picture for the web.

We went to trunk or treat last night at the church. The kids were cute, it made me miss my two little ones. There'll be pics soon of them for me I'm sure. I do know Little Miss decided on Snow White and Mr. Mister was a monkey. I can hardly wait to see the results. When I was in Utah last week, I asked Little miss if we were going to dye her hair black for the event she said No! So we'll have a blonde Snow White. ;-)

The fires are over, now I will wash my car. It is so dirty from ash and soot. I couldn't bring myself to take it last night. Then I drove through Startbucks to get a hot chocolate the other morning and one of the server guys said how much he wanted my car. I had to tell him I was embarrassed because of how dirty it was. Think it needs a bath? Yep! When you apologize to the guy admiring your car because it is dirty, it's time to get to washing it. I don't go to car washes, or even allow anyone else to wash it for me. People just don't know how bad it is to use the wrong cloth or a sponge. It kills your paint job. So I wash it myself and only have myself to blame if it gets swirls. It turns four this month and the paint, other than rock chips (thank you riverside county trucks)! on the hood, looks like new. Not a door ding or jab.
Yes, I'm the obsessive MINI girl.

Looking forward to this month of NaBloPoMo! The posts only get better from here!