25 November 2007

Now for some TV!

I have been working like crazy to get the site up. I have downloaded so many pictures my head is spinning! So now at 8p.m. I am going to turn my attention to the TV and watch The Amazing Race. Yes, I am still a fan and keep seeing commercials about trying out for the next one! Wouldn't that be fun. I would love a trip around the world.

But for now I will be satisfied to watch someone else do it. What other tv am I watching. Not a lot. Bravo channel seems to hold my attention better than any other these days. Project Runway and Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. Top Chef will return soon I am sure, in fact, I've read on a few boards that they are filming already.

And I am liking Journeyman. This guy is married and has a son and is a newspaper reporter. But in the middle of everyday life he just vanishes and goes to another date in the past. He usually helps someone right a wrong and then returns to present day.

I tivo most tv I watch so I can watch while I am doing something else. Not enough time in the day it seems.Forever the multi-tasker, that's me!

Is there any tv you watch repeatedly?