09 November 2007


Another art/craft show this weekend. Today was spent setting up and getting the sale going. Still not my genre though. I am selling art and these other vendors are selling kitsch. So the crowd is not quite sure how to take me.

I did do about $100 in sales today, thanks to a good friend mostly, and I am thankful for that. I do hope tomorrow is a better day. Still ife goes on and I am ever grateful that I can use the kiln everyday and produce neat things that people find interesting.

I am grateful for a husband that works in a very stressful job to pay the bills so I can do this. I never am not aware of the sacrifices he makes for me. Thank goodness for good men! I've got one and I am glad I do. He is very supportive and rarely questions my abilities. Never has he told me I do too much and wishes I'd leave it all behind for other things. I know women whose husband are like that and I question their motives.

So tomorrow will find me once again trying to sell my wares. This time closer to home. We'll see what happens. See ya later!