08 November 2007

Going Green

I guess some people are waaaaay behind the curve on this one. I have been looking at all the recent news about going green. It seems to be all the rage. Trendy? Yes. Only I wish it wasn't. Why did it take Al Gore and his cronies to get everyone participating in the game? I don't believe in the global warming fanaticism. I don't by all the bunk about the planet drying up and blowing away. I do believe in God or whatever you want to call the higher power that put us here. I believe that He is in charge and if we are to be exterminated it will be His doing not a bunch of greedy warmongers. I believe we are to be good stewards of the planet, not because it's the in thing to do, but because it's the right thing to do.

I think about my role in society as a whole. Do I really contribute all that much to the spoiling of the planet? I really don't think so. When I compare myself to NASA, well, there is no comparison. I visited JPL on one of their open house days a few years back. There I was standing with a bunch of six graders being lectured on the things we can do to keep the planet healthy. There were the usual lists of carpooling, recycling and all those things we do everyday. A few kids raised their hands to give examples of what they had done to help the planet. I raised my hand and asked just how much exhaust is released into the air every time a rocket is launched by JPL or NASA? They guy could have cut me in half with his glare.

So I ask, what more can I do? I have never used paper towels, I have these really neat tea towels I got from IKEA years ago. They were so cheap, I bout a gazillion of them and still have unopened packages of them. I recycle with the best of them, it's a great way to save for special events! I drive a very small car and have for a long time. I've never smoked. And I live in the desert, and have my thermostat at 80 in the summer. The electric company and the building industry decided to endorse runaway building in SoCal and then come on tv and tell us all we need to conserve. Wait a minute! I didn't approve 70,000 new homes in my valley this year! Don't even begin talking about water consumption.

Where is the responsibility of these major builders, cities, corporations, and users? There is no reason NASA needs to be funded by taxpayers. They should be privatized, and should have to pay the same fees the rest of us do when we use too much of a commodity. I feel the same about JPL, and major corporations. It is time we started holding them responsible and not just all us little guys already doing our part. So the next time Al Gore gets in his old plane that uses more fuel than a new efficient jet would, someone should remind him he needs to do a little more.

So if you need a little help with your own greening start here: Lighter Footstep