03 November 2007

Back, from the show

Not nearly as good as expected. The people just didn't show up. It could be the fires, and the resultant devastation on the local economy or it could be the fact that the location has changed from a tried and true locale. Either way, there'll be lots up at the sisters site soon!

In other news...

The Terminator, uh er, the Governator was in our fair hamlet yesterday. He was here talking about our ready response airborn fire squadrons. We have been enlisted to help train fire personnel at Camp Pendelton so they can respond quicker when fires break out again. It is great to know they are being trained and will be able to put their planes in the air with ours to fight fires from the sky.

And of course, I've been out to the airport several times when the fires were raging to take photos and watch them fill the planes with Phoschek and then fly away. The governor comes to town and where am I? In a different city, selling my wares! sigh. I do have a pic I snapped of Jerry Brown when he was visiting while governor a long time ago.

All the fires are pretty much out. Santiago still burning a bit. Insurance claims are being filed and denied claims are being issued. What!??? Yes we heard about in the news this morning the first letter went out denying a claim, asking for more information on appeal. Me, I'd send them a picture of my home pre-fire, along with a box of ashes to represent the new home post fire. Need more info now? Creeps. These fires were in world wide news reports, yet the insurance company still needs more info. Incredible.