22 November 2007

What's your design style?

I was reading over at How About Orange and there is a post that asks What's your design style? It then takes you to HGTV' site and you take the quiz.

I've always known what I like. I just didn't know what to call it. Unfortunately, my husband only shares a portion of my design style. Therefore I do not have the couches I would love love love! I have the couches he loves. And never sits on. aaaack. I can't complain though I pretty much have my run of the rest of the house. So we're happy.

This is what HGTV says my design style is. Hip. It's new, it's you. No overstuffed chairs or anything that could be described as froufrou! You're drawn to clean lines and a minimalist palette (think black, white, neutrals and a few bold colors that "pop" that background like orange, red or turquoise). You like your patterns graphic and your buildings industrial. The older furniture you enjoy are mid-century modern or stark Asian or pieces without any embellishment.

Wow. That pretty much sums it up. You should see the house plans. Very much as described. Now if we could rustle up a way to get to Arizona and get it built. Sigh.

Happy Thanksgiving all!