16 November 2007

Silly me.

I've been sitting here watching a tivo-ed latest episode of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. It is definitely a favorite show for me. Not so much that it is fun to watch the snarkiness of reality tv. Not that at all. I just love the fact that the show is designed to help a woman learn how to dress to meet her needs. Not to meet someone else's needs or version of what is style.

I like Tim Gunn. But I don't like what Bravo is doing with to promote The Guide to Style. It's just wrong.

How does Tim Gunn sign off on this???!!? What woman on the planet should be caught wearing this? What I'd really like to see is a classic french T with some sort of design that would say "Tim Gunn" with its style not with a big box and his name. Who wants to design the shirt?