20 November 2007

Ah, Music

I love music. It always amazes me how quickly a mood can change with a few bars of music. Currently the big guy is in the other room composing a few riffs as I type.

I am looking forward to Christmas. We are big fans of piling in the car, cranking up the songs and looking at the lights. The last couple of years that fell off the radar, but this year I hope to reinstate it and enjoy seeing the decorations.

A favorite album is Loreena McKennitt's Winter Garden. It is a short cd but still worth it. I could play it over and over again. But then again I could do that with most of her albums.

Another person I love to listen to is Steve MacDonald. His album Sons of Somerled is such a fantastic journey of discovery. He shares his search for who he is through the music of that album. It is fabulous. Amazon has it currently for download for only $6.99 (MP3 version). Good price and worth every penny.