17 November 2007

Saturday! Yay that must mean...

There's a party to go to! Yes. This afternoon I will be going to a big family party. Not my big family as mine is not so big, but still a family I am related to in a way. My nephew's wife is going to have a baby. A much wanted, and tried for baby! She is due in January but her sisters did not want her party to be eclipsed by the holidays so they decided to hold it a bit early. Fun ensues!

The nephew and his beautiful wife are having a boy and have decided on a Curious George themed room. Kind of strange because the nephew only has one fear in life. One. He is a firefighter, a specialized firefighter at that, and is a hero to many. If they only knew. He does not like MONKEYS. In any way shape or form. This should be interesting.

I guess when he says he can't get up in the middle of the night to change the baby, he'll have a valid reason. I'm sure my sons-in-law wish they were afraid of Winnie the Pooh and Princesses. ;-)