10 November 2007

Another long day

Spent 8-4 today at the sale and then drove to the OC for a lecture. More on that later. I was thinking as I drove about the post about copyright issues. What got me started was stopping by and picking up a hot chocolate and a "krispy bar". Come on. We all know it's a rice krispy square. Why can't we call it that? Because if you do Kellog's wants their share. It's ridiculous, the kind of ridiculous that calls the Superbowl the "big game". We are a nation of nit wits. So on to the real discussion.

Radiohead recently released their album via the internet. Okay so why tonight? Well I read recently that most people are downloading it for free. You see Radiohead decided to let the public decide how much they would pay for the album. You can pay whatever you think the album is worth. Pretty cool. Think it's trash? Pay nothing. Think it's a super hit? Reward them. I applaud their brave foray into the world of independence. It's a great idea.

But back to the report that most people aren't paying for it. I think it is the RIAA that is spawning these stories because it goes against the very grain of what the RIAA wants to control. Radiohead is actually de-bunking the theory that has been reported. They say that the numbers are underreported and that the story is wholly inaccurate. Yes!

Radiohead needs to be supported in this effort to gain control over their music. I think if you've downloaded the album and you like it, maybe you should think of really paying for it. Pay more than you normally would pay. Stand in solidarity with them and against the RIAA. If more people would do this it would let the RIAA know that we're not a bunch of freeloaders wanting to steal from musicians artists and the like. Go out and pay, really pay in an effort to support real artists!