19 November 2007

I am an activist

I got an email this morning from the Body Shop. It was a link to the new site in remembrance of Anita Roddick.

For years I had a shirt that read "Life is not a dress rehearsal" that when worn would always get comments. It reminded me, along with the death of my brother at age 32, that you only get to do this once and that life is too short to do things that make you unhappy. Life is full of troubles and trials. But that does not mean you cannot find joy in your surroundings. There is beauty all around.

On the site there is an about page which reminds you that "Anita traveled the world over amongst the destitute, the oppressed, the exploited and the condemned, but she never lost hope or stamina because she knew that there was joy and possibility in creating new, imaginative ways to make things better. She had little patience for those who said they were too busy to be activists.

"Then be a sittest! Sit at your computer and participate!" She knew that doing any small thing to improve a life, to right a wrong, brings joy to those who do, as well as to those who benefit. That's why she laughed all the way to changing the world."

Join me in adopting her mantra: "Do something. Do Anything. Just do something"

We can all choose to do something positive each day to make the world around us a better place to live. Smiles cost nothing. And it is amazing how a simple smile or kind word can make the difference in another's life.

Oh and if you've got a couple of spare nickles this season, just a reminder that Modest Needs is a great place to make small donations. They help people in need of temporary one time emergencies. Make a difference today!