13 November 2007

Pre-Holiday Cleaning

I don't know about you, but every year just before the mad dash to get the house decorated for the holidays, I feel the need to do a deep clean. Today it began. I dusted until I was fully aware of my allergy to dust. Meaning, I dusted the entire house including all six book cases and the books contained therein. Ugh.

I then moved on to the floors. The house has hardwood floors except in the living room. There we have carpet. The floors are a bit slick from being cleaned and polished, I've heard from the other occupant of the house. Eeek! I hope no one falls now that the floors are really clean!

Next will be the walls and windows. I nearly severed my entire pinky finger a few years ago doing windows, interesting side note: it really looked like a raw chicken leg does when you pulled back the skin. I don't do windows all that often, but I will this year as my window guy moved.

Then will come the Thanksgiving decorations and after that the Christmas ones. I really wanted to make some handmade stuff this week. Instead home and hearth called and I am doing my best to imitate the little mice in Cinderella. Just cal me Gusgus. ;-)

Next week, ornaments!