26 November 2007

A few more days of random posts

Yes, I'm still uploading stuff for the new site and it is taking all my time! So maybe, just maybe next week after NaBloPoMo is over, there will be real stuff to post!

But I did see this quote at my friend Lisa's place. It reads: "Life isn't about surviving the storm - It's about learning to dance in the rain."

I like that. Iy kind of sums up my life. It seems that as I look down that road, there has been plenty of dancing. Yes, I moved out of my parents home when I was 17. Yes, I've been away for a very long time. Still, it has had an effect on me that is hard to shake. Mostly because every so often something comes up that reveals just another little something that explains and makes sense to all. But you know, the things we did really did make me the person I am today and I guess that is okay.

I just sometimes think the primary tune that was playing was Billy Idol's Dancing Madly Backwards! Ugh. I'd hate to think that was the theme song of our childhood, but maybe so. Mixed in, of course, with some Mitch Miller, some Eddie Arnold, some Johnny Mathis and a bit of the Beatles. The Beatles were our choice. Us kids. The parental unit didn't get the Beatles.

My brother had a record club account in 6th grade. His records came with a label that had his name on it as the owner. Cool. How many six graders in the early 60s got to do that. (I really think it was because the record company had been "burned" in the past and that's how he got it in his name, but then again another story sometime) By the end of his six grade, we had lived in two different houses and he owned every available Beatles album along with a few Beach Boys albums.

So I guess dancing came naturally to us.