18 November 2007

If I was a sculpter, but then again no...

We had fun last night at the baby shower. The pregnant one is so dang cute! She looks great and is hardly looking bedraggled at all. She's got three more days of work before her class goes off track. Then she won't go to work until after the baby is born. Neat.

So we ate and played games and saw a video and heard a song. The song was great, being sung by a dear friend and loved one. I thought it was a recording and then we all learned it was actually being performed live. A really nice song, just for the pregnant girl, that brought her to tears. She is such a great girl and love was all around her last night.

We played a silly game just after dinner. We were each given an unlined index card, a stick of gum, one of those flossing things you carry around for emergencies, and a duty to perform. Chew the stick of gum. Use it on the index card to sculpt a baby. Here are some samples made:

talking baby



Well, as you can see there are many ways to interpret this game. Weirdest game I think I've ever played at a shower. The hardest part was giving up the minty goodness that was the gum to sculpt a baby. Winning entry, chosen by the pregnant soon to be mom:


I know it's not much, but it's the best I can do...Mine! Yay. I must admit I had just looked at a good bunch of pictures of my grandson. Thus - the spikey hair, which evidently swayed the judging tremendously! Thanks Jace! Wow imagine what I could do with some fimo!