21 November 2007

Last minute shopping today

I drove to Elsinore this morning to buy milk. Yes. I drive forty miles away to buy milk. Because it is the best milk you can buy. The dairy is family owned and they do not use antibiotics or growth hormone on their cows. The milk is amazing! My sis who is a real milk drinker was amazed at the flavor difference. To me it tastes like whipping cream. I cannot drink a lot because of my milk allergies but every now and then I must have a small amount.

Well, that said while I was there a few people dropped in.

Jumper plane

I couldn't believe my timing! It was a fun way to waste an hour. Watching the jumpers land again and again.

Three jumpers

almost down

terra firma

I didn't know that they jumped every day of the week. Maybe they don't and I just got lucky due to the holiday week. Either way it was fun.

Have a great holiday. Be grateful for the little things around you. Miracles are everywhere.