24 November 2006

Stranger Than Fiction

I really like Will Farrell. I am not sure I like all of his movies, but man, who can forget Spartan Coasters? He's a funny guy, and usually is prepared to do just about anything for laughs. That said, we decided today to go to the movies.

I. Loved. Stranger Than Fiction. It was well worth the ticket price. At times I wondered if anyone else was getting the hidden humor because there is so much of it in the film. I love going to the movies to laugh. This movie doesn't disappoint. The fact that the main character is an IRS agent is enough to make you giggle. The cast, directing, filmography all worked so well together, I simply enjoyed the afternoon.

The supporting cast includes Emma Thompson, Queen Latifa, Dustin Hoffman! and Maggie Gyllenhaal. What's even more hilarious is they've added this great character played by Tom Hulce. For the longest moment I couldn't place him, who is that guy? Then I just kindof laughed, it's Amadeus! He was in one scene, but his role was so well defined, it was very believable that he would be employed by the IRS.

Emma Thompson. Wow. Usually she is so put together. The perfect English miss, or missus. Last year she wowed us in Love Actually, this year, her depressive, chain smoking state is incredible. To me it was quite a departure, and a pleasant one at that. She let you into her world of tortured writer, for a glimpse of the pressure, and really gain some insight and empathy for the process.

If you have an afternoon, and need to laugh, and then need to cry just a bit, this one's for you. It's worth the time and the money!