29 November 2006

Ooooo Oooooo Oooooo!

The LA Auto Show opens Friday! Wowzer, I didn't realize it was that time of year again! Lookingat the map of the show, they have MINI in a much better place this year. It's with the BMWs of course but this year we are front and center instead of behind the corner of BMW. And, drumroll please....... we're right next door to Maserati! Totally cool.

I know, it should be my husband who is so interested in cars. Not. He likes that you get in them, turn the key and they take you from here to there. And he also likes that his big truck has a V8. That's about it. Nope. It's the girls in the family that salivate at cars. In fact I have a great pic of #3 hugging a porsche. :-) The girl's got good taste. Not those little 924s, or 044s either. It's a Targa or nothing thankyouverymuch! So right now it's a 2007 VW Rabbit. Delivery expected in January.

Others cars I'm expecting to see are the concepts. I love to see what some design guys are thinking. They are out there type cars but some of them actually get to get made! I remember when we were at BYU a few years back, ahem, ahem, the design team at BYU won a contest. They had designed the Fiero. It was cool back then. So you never know what you'll see and who is going to get to design the next big thing.

I probably won't get to go until next week, in case you're going look for the crazy woman at the MINI exhibit. She will be smiling away. I'd own two of those cars if someone could explain to me how to drive two of them at once!

Still, I just love cars. I'd own a VW, a Porsche, more MINIs, a Lotus Elise, and an Audi TT. The Alfa Romeo isn't bad either. I have a son-in-law that wants a Viper. I can hardly wait!