01 November 2006


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One thing I have not been able to do while working was to take a day to spend with my sister. She lives close by (well, close-by is relative) about a two hour drive away in fact, but we like to get together and window shop. We usually don't spend too much money but mostly just walk, talk and enjoy watching people around us.

Yesterday, we took one of those days. We started out at the new Crate and Barrel in our area. I had been wanting to go and yesterday the stars aligned and we were both available. The new store was a lot like the other stores I'd been in and I mentioned that it was nice the outlet store was so close to me so I wouldn't have to spend too much on stuff I could get there.

We moved to the furniture gallery. Sitting on a beautiful leather sofa, we chatted for a bit. Many, many sales people tried to get us to move with suggestions of assistance, but it was to no avail. We toured the second floor and found some nice things and ideas.

One of the ideas were the pineneedle trees shown above. They were pretty little trees cratively made by someone else. Hot glued needles on a cone. Hmmmm. Could this be done ourselves? Yeah. MOre than likely we could do this. Now we had to decide if it was something we'd want to do. So a snapped a quick pic and it went into the memory bin for another day.

All over the first floor were ornament inspirations. One of the coolest things they have available is the ornament tree.


These were ones that were part of their decor. I love the loopy look of it and would love to own one of them. It holds ten ornaments and would look so cute as a centerpiece. However, I can't see spending $49.95 on one right now. I'd rather have one of these instead. Priorities people!

I did buy a few small ornaments and a nutmeg grater. I couldn't be at C&B and not get a food related item, now could I? We then drove over to a place to grab lunch called The Hat. Pastrami sandwiches all around! The place was filled with construction workers! I even mentioned to sis that I'd never seen so many in one place! It was good food and a fun day was had.

I look forward to more o f these kinds of days.