02 November 2006

Snowflake try

Snowflake try
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Okay, so I'm trying to come up with a cool ornament for the ornament exchange. The problem with fusing glass, is that it is mostly trial and error with a new design.

This is my first try at a snowflake. I like the look of it, but I need to work on the process a bit more. What I didn't realize was how much the heat would "shrink" the glass. I need to remember that glass goes from a solid to a liquid and then back to a solid. When I wrap my brain around that... I'll get better results.

Well, today will be spent doing a few more experiments. I'll show you my losses, but the good ones will have to wait until December when the ornaments are sent to the recipients! Fun.

Hey it is all about the fun. ;-)

Footnote: It is really creeping me out that in the background of that photo the table looks so dirty. It's not bad, the white stuff is the dust from the kiln wash. Yes, though, I'll admit there is some sort of other stuff there. Ugh. Maybe a reshoot is in order.