11 November 2006

Novice glass workers' fingers

I keep promising pictures of my glass. Instead here's a picture of my index finger. Notice the top of both knuckles. Yep, I'm a wiz at cutting glass. I not only cut glass, but I do a pretty good job on my fingers. The one on top of the center knuckle happened just three days ago. It bled like crazy. And then again when I hit it on the computer, and then again when I was driving.

I stopped by the stained glass store and as soon as the lady saw my band-aid she offered the perfect glass breakers. I can happily say they are wonderful. I hopefully will not get myself cut like the one in the picture again.

Still, the glass is going well. In fact as soon as I'm done here, it's back to the glass. I tried an experiment yesterday and it didn't work out. I got huge bubble in the glass so it doesn't look like it should. That one goes in the try again pile. Sigh.