13 November 2006

The Holiday Buzz

*~*~*~*~See update at bottom of post*~*~*~*
Every One is abuzz with descriptions of Tord Boontje's holiday line for Target this year. Well, I had to go see for myself.

I was very pleased with the many good things to see. I love the holidays and I love the festive decor Target seems to find each year. The ornament displays are beautiful this year with the Boontje's display toppers all twinkling and snowy looking. I could stand and watch them for ours I think. Well, maybe not hours, but they do life the spirits a bit.

I looked and looked for the garland Kim was able to purchase. It had sold out already. I should have taken Megan's advice on that! However I did score the cling on vinyl window decorations! At $5.99 they are worth the price. You get 5 sheets of vinyl "stickers" that adhere to almost any surface. So if you are an apartment dweller and are short on windows, these will stick to your walls too! I can see a sugar plum fairy door already!

Tord Boontje

The dishes are so pretty and the candlabra centerpiece is really pretty! Tord Boontje has really captured the holiday "winter" theme very well!

Update: I forgot to mention that at the Target site there are some really cute "freebies"! There are items to download for children to decorate Boontje style! They also have add a count down to the holidays calendar widget to download!