21 November 2006

New Blogger

Hmmmm. I keep getting notified that the "new" blogger is available. Do I want to upgrade? I'm not sure. Would it be just as easy to move it to wordpress or bloglines? I just don't know. I guess what I'd really like to do is upgrade and then imporve the looks around here.

Just need the time to do it all. I don't know how I blogged, baked and took care of the house for so long. I keep finding I don't have enough time to get all I want to do. Hmmmmm. Must be the holiday getting the pressure up.

Have you migrated your blogger account? Is it worth the trouble? Flickr works with it now I've read. That's good. Oh my, I
m running late. I swear there'll be a better post here tomorrow!

Update: Blogger Beta version doesn't play well with Haloscan commenting. I want that to work on my new versions, so I'm holding off changing anything until it does. Just an FYI for anyone who uses Haloscan!