25 November 2006

Oh My Goodness

We decided today was the day to get started decorating the house for the holidays. We begin each year with the outside lights. Well, this year, we wanted to do something different. Usually it is the same old red and green lights lining the house. They were getting a bit old and tired after years of use so we decided to go out and see what was new.

My suggestion was to go to Target. My favorite place to shop. Well, the big guy decided we would probably get our best deal at the evil empire. I didn't refuse, but knew it would only be a stop along our journey in the quest for the perfect lights. I was right. The place was crowded and already picked over. How is it that a store can be continually picked over? How many people go through that place in a days time? A lot I suppose.

So onto the latest and greatest hardware warehouse. You know the kind, the HUGE warehouse with all the do it yourself stuff for guys and ambitious gals. They guaranteed on TV that if you needed it they had it. Well, only if you want to decorate in blue or white this year. They had plenty of blue strings of lights. They had plenty of white strings of lights. Can we get a multi-colored string here? Not today. Everyone who wanted multi colored strings had already been there and bought them all. Onward and upward!

Next stop Target. The big guy says, "okay I'm already sick of the crowds. Go in and find the lights, I'll wait for you here." So I smiled and said I'd be back in a bit and went forth to find the perfect lights. Well, the perfect lights that I would drop some cash on that is. Why is it the year I find the perfect lights they're in short supply? You see, the lights are only in 15 foot strings. I need at least six strings at that length. How many boxes were available? 3 boxes. eh. So I opted for my last years favorite lights that I didn't buy half price after Christmas because I already spent more than I should have on other stuff last season. Like these ones. Only not those ones. The ones I got didn't have the crystalized look, just the pearlized look. And, they were only $6.99 a string of 25.

I also picked a a few stocking stuffers and new sock hooks to add the sons-in-law stockings to the mantles and I was done. The crowds weren't as bad as I thought they would be and my wait in line was only about four minutes. I count myself very lucky from what the news is reporting elsewhere in the general area.

We arrived home, did some quick yard work, and then hung the lights. Yay! I have the tree and the outdoor lights up. Yay. It's only November 25th! That is a fete for me, Usually I'm still hauling stuff out of the garage on the 23rd of December. It is so nice not working during this holiday season!

Except for the glass work I've been doing. I'm in a holiday show on December 5th and my new shop on the net will be open tomorrow! You can see how I've spent my days the past few weeks there! Go to www.3hipsisters.com and click away! Right now there are a few "we're contructing this site signs" but it will be up and running tomorrow!