16 November 2006

Final Salute

This is not a photoshopped image. When I first looked at it I thought it must be. However, I found out it was a real event. Not for publicity, not for press, not even for the 'story'. It was a final goodbye. Do yourself a favor and take some time, when you are alone and can cry as tears will come, and read this piece brought to us by the The Rocky Mountain News. It is their tribute piece for Veteran's Day this year. It deserves a pulitzer. Jim Sheeler is the author of the piece accompanied by photos from Todd Heisler. The picture above was taken by Todd Heisler. There is video related to the story that is also worthy of your time.

Politics aside, this is worthy of all of us. It explains the sacrifice and honor related in serving with the United States Marine Corps. OOORAH! and Happy Birthday. Oh, and by the way, thank you for your 230 years of service.