09 November 2006


I have been away from the bakery for a week now. I cannot express in words great enough the feeling of freedom that has slowly taken over my psyche. I have for a year been focused on keeping someone else's business alive. And, I enjoyed almost 100% of the time I spent there.

However, now it is time for me to focus on my own success. I have been told over and over again how determined I am. How I am like a shark that never stops swimming. Yet, I have not found an appropriate outlet for my aspirations, until now. Maybe I just needed to grow up.

I am at that second threshold in life, you know the one, the kids are grown and married. They're beginning to have families of their own. My home is emptier, yet not lonely. It is an old friend that I love. I love to sit here in the quiet and enjoy listening to the creaks and moans of the old place. I will miss it when we leave here. I just wish there was a way I could keep this one and have the other also. But then again, that would be greedy. I can only live in one house at a time and so there is really no need for two.

We will soon begin the next big adventure in our life. The acreage in Arizona is screaming to be built out. A home, a shed, a few "cabins" and a large gathering center. 10 acres of lavendar. It will be a working retirement for ourselves. My husband's career has been a career of giving, rarely taking, and because of his chosen vocation, it has barely kept a roof over our heads, and food on the table, and not a retirement account to speak of. So we now need to be inventive.

The lavendar farm will be the largest in our geographical location. We will have a yearly festival and we hope to be able to have a conference center and gathering location for family reunions. We have hopes that we can host continuing education retreats also. It will be a work in progress, the lavendar being first priority. I will also have the shed to do glass work and continue building that hobby into a sideline business also.

So here's to the future! Whatever it may hold.