12 November 2006

Back in the day...

When I was first introduced to blogging I had a great idea. I wanted to write vignettes of people I had met or who had made some kind of contribution through my eyes. I worked it around in my mind and turned it over and over and was convinced it was a great idea.

But like a lot of other things I couldn't just do it. I had to work it through my mind until it was perfect. There it sat in the background waiting to be completed and perfect. I went on to establish other blogs. Food Chronicles talks about my adventures and observations in the food world. Cooper Chronicles talks about life in general and my crazy world.

Still in the back of my mind was the original web page I wanted to do. I had set it aside thinking I had to have a dedicated place for it, it's own website, it's own everything. I made it too difficult for me to bring forth. I wanted to collect stories of people around me so they could be remembered. A place where memories gathered and stayed. We have this wonderful internet where things linger and stay, I wanted to use it for this project. If only, if only....

Well, I have finally decided that perfection never comes. The stories do however. And I must begin recording them somewhere, so blogger will be its home for now. I've chosen the name (actually I chose it all those many years ago) Earthbound Chronicles. That's where all the other chronicles started. Earthbound will tell stories of loved ones, of unknown individuals to me, of dear friends, and random strangers whose stories should be told. I'll begin, with a few of my own and add more along the way.

First, for my wanting niece, I'll write about my brother. The father she never got to know. He was real. He lived. He gave. Just because he is now a memory, doesn't mean he never existed. This page and his stories will bring life to those who read them.

Join me on this new journey to the past. And get to know some people you didn't know, but probably should have. Earthbound Chronicles is for everyone. If you have someone that needs to be remembered, send me an email!