07 November 2006


The power cord on my lovely Apple PowerBook G4 died last night. :-( I called Apple and they're sending me a new one. It will take 5-7 days. I live in the same state that they're mailing it from, so I assume they're mailing by Turtle Express. "When it absolutely positively is going to be free to the customer so whenever it seems to get there will be fine" method of shipping to get it to me. Sigh.

So I am working from the desktop in the other room. Which isn't such a bother, however, I have to be in that room to do everything and all my bookmarks and pictures and all that good stuff is on my laptop. Ick. The worst part of it was that I didn't notice there was a problem until the status bar said I was at 30% power and I went wait a minute. This is supposed to be plugged in, oh crud it is plugged in. What is wrong? Great! It isn't working. The Apple guy seemed to think this kind of problem happened all the time. Because he said, okay we'll send you one. Hmmmmm.

So my NaBloMoPo today is about my broken cord. How interesting for you! Not.

I will say the kiln is producing some really great things! I made a bunch of ornaments (well four at a time). I also was able to squeeze in some earrings. They are just little button earrings for pierced earrings, but they are so cute! I love them and would love to keep them all to myself. But seeing as I am now providing for my own support and the bakery has stopped giving me money in exchange for my life, I have to make these things to sell. Now I just have to be able to photograph them and put pretty pictures up of them and sell them. Yay!

I will be making earrings, (clip on ones too for those of you who don't like more holes in your head than are already there), and some plates for sale. Neato! I also thought about putting them on Etsy, which I may do, but they'll also be available here because you have to be a joiner to use Etsy and some of you may not want to do that. So I will go take a pic or two and put it up here later. That camera is going to pay for itself too!

Update: The power cord came today! Yay! I knew if I was in the same state it wouldn't take long!