03 November 2006

The end is near!

We are nearing the end of the political season. I am ready for it to be over. Go vote next Tuesday people. Exercise your right to be a U.S. citizen.

With all the campaign promises made and broken over the years this headline got my attention: POLITICAL AD SPENDING NEARS $2 BILLION DOLLAR MARK Can you imagine? (AdAge daily email alerts brought me this one.)

Boy howdy it did. Imagine what $2 billion could do to cure all the ills that have been promised over the years. It could do a lot to house the homeless, to correct an incongruency in prescription drugs costs to the poor, could help get a real alternative energy plan going and all sorts of other things that need assistance.

Maybe the solution to the political season is to have them send the money to the specific cause they're talking about. Then have the reports published on how the money was put to use. The best results could give us a litmus test on how dedicated the people really are to "changing the face of America".

Does someone else have a better idea?

Note: I am not this simple. Complex things pass through my head constantly. It's just not worth the energy to expound upon them as so many others do. It doesn't change anything, just adds warmth to our ever growing global warming problem as I see it. And to think, if I just would choose to vote for candidate x, she would stop global warming. hmmmmm.