27 November 2006

Ah the spending season is upon us!

I have spent the btter part of today shopping. The crowds have dwindled down from my vantage point. Actually there qasn't a crowd at all! I love online shopping, I can comparison shop til I drop and still find a great bargain here and there.

That's my problem. I take all the fun out of shopping for most everyone. Because, you know, I one of those people. The kind that has to make sure I have turned over every stone before I can make a purchase. I cannot, for the life of me, impulse buy! I wish I could, but I cannot. I will pick up something I just love, and then walk around with it, trying it out. Silly yes. But it has to speak to me before I can bring it home. Just ask the daughters. They have all told me I've ruined shopping for them. I always say, before you buy clothing, of some sort, launder it twice - in your mind, then if you still think it will be just the perfect item, buy it. I'm just that way. Most of the time, whatever I have my arms wrapped around will not make the cut and it will be set down somewhere it doesn't belong. (I make sure those stockers always have a job!)

Online shopping has been a thrill for me. I love being able to read others' reviews and comparison shop prices. It is the best. The thing I miss though, is the crowds. Not! I do miss the people watching. There is something in me that loves and even craves watching other people in public. People do the craziest things sometimes. And then others are filled with emotion, sad or ecstatic, pouty or angry. I don't even really want to hear the conversations between them. I just enjoy the various stages of emotion you witness in the lives of the strangers wrapped around you participating in the 'seriousness' that is holiday shopping.

I may have to go to the mall just to see people in action, now that most of my shopping is done.