22 November 2006

The Great and Spacious Building

I went there today.


I decided I needed to get a few items and I didn't want to enjoy the crowds of December on Friday. I knew my husband would hate going, so this morning I took off and went for a drive. I ended up in Costa Mesa at IKEA. I bought what I went to get and added a few extras.


We needed a new table for media storage. We finally got rid of the BIG Gigantic TV that took up half of my living room, and opted for something more suited to the room. So I needed a table to hold the dvd player et al.

Furniture is something that, for me, does not have to be expensive. I can live with IKEA and be perfectly happy. Yes, there were more expensive tables, but hey, why spend more money on a table to hold 'stuff'? This one matches the decor and wood coloring throughout the house and I like it.

Other random purchases:

I bought a 'soap' dispenser at another famous Bed, Bath and Beyond type store and it doesn't work. I paid an outrageous amount of money for it and I was depressed when it wouldn't dispense the soap. It drove me crazy. So today when I saw this entire set for $9.99 I couldn't resist. The other dispenser has been replaced!

And then it seems at our house we never have enough forks! I looked around the kitchen stuff and found a randomly cheap set of flatware for $9.99. I could afford that too! So this is what also came home with me:

Needless to say, I really like going there. There were all kinds other stuff I wanted to buy, but I rationalized the spending and stopped there other than a good stack of napkins! I got in and out in less than an hour and was home by 1:30. It was a nice day all in all.