08 October 2008

Vineyards, grapes and growing

One of my favorite things about living in this area is the opportunity to take a drive and see the countryside. June 1st we were out driving around I was enthralled with the beauty of the Temecula Wine country. So much so that I had to stop and take some pictures. The grapes were just tiny little grapes at that point, I filed it away and told myself I needed to go back later in the year to check on their progress.
grapes on the vine

The are acres and acres of grapes growing in the valley that will ripen on the vine to the perfect ripeness, then harvested and made into wine. I don't enjoy the wine, but the beauty of the full vine is something everyone should enjoy.

ripe grapes

Isn't that picture just gorgeous? I can see it framed and hanging on the wall in my kitchen. Well, that is if I had a wall in my kitchen that I could hang a picture on. But alas I don't, so I'll share it with you.

September 1st I got up really early. I decided it was time to go check the grapes. The valley was filled with men harvesting grapes. Still, as I stopped, parked and took pictures, they paid me no mind. It was peaceful and cool, no one but me and the harvesters doing their work. I love the solitude of exploring with my camera. To my amazement, the grapes were ready to be picked. Full deep color, bursting off the vine. The dust covering their deep purple flesh, until touch by a harvester. They'll be cut off the vine with a sharp knife to be laid with other bunches into huge bins. Then off to the processing room to be made into wine. Makes me thirsty for some really good chilled grape juice right about now. hmmm.

As I posted the pictures it was startling to me that these two pictures were taken exactly three months apart. I wonder what I could do personal that would accomplish those kinds of results in so quickly a time? I could exercise, like my friend Scarehaircare and get great results. I could read a few good books and set some goals. Or I could tell myself that I couldn't get anything done in so short a time to make any real effect.

I've been thinking a lot about my oldest daughter and her husband. Almost three years ago they started off a new adventure in their lives. He was headed for law school far across the country where we didn't know anyone. My daughter was apprehensive about being so far away and wondered out loud if they'd survive this adventure. How would they ever do it? And have a child to boot? Now they are just about done and it seems to have only been a small time that they've been away. Not only have they gotten through it, but they've done great things too. They have one little boy and are adding another child to the family just in time for graduation! Son-in-law has secured employment, daughter has learned she is a good mom, and wife, and party planner and a few other great things. It has been a good experience for them.

Maybe instead of thinking about things so much, and what the outcome will be, we should all just go do something and be surprised with the results! Give away the fear and do as they say "keep moving forward". You never know what they harvest will be until you plant a few seeds.