24 October 2008

No here's something we can all agree on...

I was over at Slice of Pink and she had a link to Pundit Kitchen. I didn't know what it was, but I do now!

Pundit Kitchen is a website filled with pictures of politicians, celebrities and random places found in the news. What you can do to those pictures is where the fun begins. You get to add your own caption to the pictures. Now that's something we all can agree upon. We all have something to say, witty or not, about celebrities or politicians. My favorite was this photo of Alan Greenspan. I was flabbergasted, and that is not a word I use often as I reserve it for phenomenal things like the current collapse of our financial markets at the hands of "professionals", at his comments to congress this past week. "I didn't know, I couldn't imagine it would turn out like this..." Please!

What picture will you caption?