16 October 2008

Oh what a night, and a day...

Last night I couldn't sleep. Aaaack. I got up three times because I was processing. My mind was going a hundred miles a minute. I was filled with self doubt, and questioning every single thing I am doing. bleh. Finally, about three a.m. I went to sleep.

You know that Pink Floyd song that begins with all those banging gongs and ringing bells? I think it's Time. Yeah. that's it. At five thirty six, that's what happened to start my day. Yep. The M-i-l was calling to let us know she was having another panic attack. I think I joined her. Melty gel

I went full on melt down. I felt just like my jello experiment from years ago. The husband came home from work, we were discussing all the events of the day and suddenly there I was a pool of melted me sobbing away. Not a pretty sight.

My plate is a bit full and I am a control freak. Not a good combination. But I have a nice shiny stove to thank for all the frustration. I clean when I can't control anything else, or when everything is chaos. So, I'm changing course and going back to my business mind. I will return to my list making. All those years ago of listening to Hyrum Smith tell me my Franklin planner was my friend and Stephen Covey (love ya stephen!) ingraining win-win into my every motive, I've decided it must be. Lists and endorphins will accompany my every move.

I've added yet another blog. Watch me grow, along with my new partner, Bri.