26 October 2008

Can I blog a bit on the future?

I'm just thinking about how glad I will be once this election takes place. Most of us have hard lines written in the sand about what we will and won't do with regard to voting. Then we make some off the cuff statement to a loved one or a person we really care about and offend them. Yeah, describes a lot of us currently.

What I'm saying is how happy I will be when it's done. (don't get me wrong I still have certain convictions) I think it is very important though to realize who really controls this country. It's big money. And if you're not big money, don't go around offending those people who love you, just because you think you're right and they're not. We all are entitled to our opinions. We just don't need to buy into the I'm right/you're wrong mentality.

Songs have little trite titles, but they do express what I am saying. "Love is all you need", "Love is all around", or any number of other love songs. Love is what keeps us together, yeah another one! We have very little bearing on what really happens in this government, I think they let us vote to give us the illusion of being a part of it all. But really, it doesn't work that way at all.

So go vote, get it out of your system, and let's all go back to working and paying our bills, and buying a few trinkets along the way.