27 October 2008

People watching

A favorite pastime of mine is people watching. I guess it's why I enjoy blogging so much. Not my blogging but other peoples. But mostly I love going places and sitting and watching and eavesdropping and generally enjoying being there with everyone.

Recently we went to lunch, in San Diego, at my favorite bread bakery, Con Pane. I've talked about it on the food blog - Catherine's bakery is THE BEST bread shop in all of San Diego! It is located at Cajon and Rosecrans streets in Point Loma. We were there Saturday. I sat and had the best sandwich - Roast Beef on Kalamata olive bread, with goat cheese Yum! - and watched people come and go.
Con Pane

There was a family of five. 3 boys. One attending UCSD obviously. They were having a sandwich together exchanging stories and chatting. There was a man with a broken leg with a woman. They left via the front door, and I just knew they were driving the Jeep Cherokee for some reason (I had parked in front of it), and it would have been simpler to go out the side door. But he had a broken leg with a cast to the knee, so they must have decided going down the ramp would be simpler than maneuvering through a double door.

You could tell the regulars from the tourists. The tourists always stared in awe at the menu of available sandwiches, wondering which to choose. The regulars, simply stated, a round of Pt Loma Sourdough or the favorite of the day - a Gruyere with sun dried tomatoes or a Walnut Whole Wheat (which had already sold out) or a couple of bagettes. Quickly as can be a sandwich was prepared, delivered, and on to the next customer. I was hoping to get a chocolate brioche, but we were too late!

We finished lunch with me apologizing for the silence while we ate as I hadn't been in public much lately and I was too fascinated by all the people coming and going. The husband responded that I needed to get out more. Maybe I will. We have a day planned for the Grove.