13 October 2008

Knit Two, Kate Jacobs

I was given the opportunity to read an advance copy of Kate Jacobs' latest book. You may remember me giving away a few copies of her book "Comfort Food" a while back. As I stated, I have a ton of things going on here currently and the thought of setting aside time to read weighed on me. However, Thursday afternoon she drew me in.

I am not sure which character actually snagged me. Was Darwin, with her odd name and lists? Dakota in her youthful zest to taste life and leave everything behind? Or Catherine? Oh Catherine. I found myself telling her to just live life, intead of trying to manage every second.

I must admit, I'm jealous. Flat out jealous. Not of Kate Jacobs, but of the circle of friends she created in this series of book. They are just a group of women, ordinary women who have knitting in common. But I have walked through the door of knitting shops, many times, to find an eclectic group of women gathered round chattering about this and that, only to fall silent at the presence of a stranger. I always felt as if I was intruding. Not until I read Knit Two did I come to an understanding about those groups of ladies. It wasn't that I was intruding at all. I only had stumbled upon a group of knit together women, trading stories of their past week. And last year, and five years or even possibly ten together. I just wasn't part of their afghan, so to speak.

I've not been a part of such a group. My heart fills with envy as my sister speaks of her book discussion group, and her great Christmas party each year. Over the years these groups have grown together and apart, sharing their triumphs and joys, the trials and hardships, and all things in between with each other. Kate Jacobs has captured those group in her book so well, I feel the need to find one!

Knit Two is a delightful read worthy of the few days it may take you to read it. It is predictable in parts and surprising in others. In the end, I'm glad I picked it up and now am going to go purchase the first book The Friday Night Knitting Club in the series to see where this all began.