05 October 2008

Projects keeping me busy

I never realized how much time could be consumed with a four year old in the house. The girl runs circles around me! With a hundred questions at a time. It is incredible. It is wonderful to have her here. She has such a positive attitude, I love being with her.

She has made me more responsible with my time. I have begun making my lists again, and things are getting done. I am half way through making new stroller pads and covers for the stroller we purchased for $25. It will be as good as new by Wednesday.
New Stroller cushions

What other things am I working on? New items for a new etsy shop coming soon. I must keep it a secret until the launch, then you can all see!

I've been working as a video assistant for my husband on a project for his works website. We have been filming nurses - telling their stories - about what it is like to work as a hospice nurse. It has been extremely interesting.

I've begun a small quilt. I saw a picture of a quilt on a website a woman had done. I loved the quilt, it's a tree with leaves surrounding it. I fell in love with it and am beginning to work on the applique process tomorrow.

Percolating in the background are some ideas for a few YouTube videos my sis and I may make. They will be funny, informative and all about cooking and homekeeping. It looks as if it might be great fun.

Tomorrow is the husband's birthday. He joins me in age! Yay. I am no longer the old woman! We will have a nice dinner and a few gifts he doesn't know about. We'll finish off the evening installing a new garbage disposal. Whoopee!