29 October 2008

The name meme

This meme is making it through the blog world in lightening speed! It's fun, but I kind of wish I didn't have to just limit it to one child o mine. Each of them have great names, that I think they like, a lot. But s'mee has said she wants to hear about my youngest one. I give you The Youngest One!

Name and meaning: Gillian Heather. Gillian from Gaelic means St. Johns servant, the latin meaning youthful. Gill's name was given to her like our other daughters. We knew that as they married each of our daughters would have a new last name. We wanted to make sure their names would define them no matter what last name they had. Their names were chosen to represent their heritage, while also making sure they were strong names, giving them self identity and confidence. We also tried to make sure their names weren't common. We succeeded with Gill's, the other girls' became very popular while they were small. Gill's name remained pretty obscure throughout her school years. She also shares her name with a cousin's given name, althought the cousin has never been known as Gillian!

: 26 man I'm young, I had her when I was 15!

: Bean, a derivative of Gillibean. We all refer to Gill as Bean.

Favorite activities
: Gill is a true driver. I think she likes driving more than anything! Winding in and out of curves and speeding on the straightaways really puts a smile on her face. She not only drives fast, but she knows how her car works, and how to, if need be fix the car too!

She is also a great nurturer. She had recently become the mom of a new puppy and I am amazed at how she has learned what needs to be done to make sure he is healthy, disciplined and loved.

Gill is very creative also, she loves beading and has made several necklaces and bracelets for friends and family.

She also loves to cook. When she was younger she thought she would go to culinary arts school. Instead she fell in love and moved to potato land.

Favorite Foods: hmmm. can we say chocolate? But then again, Gill is a great cook. She has studied and learned on her own and can cook really well. Yahoo! Chicken and Dumplings are a real fave, not Gill's alone in that, we all love them!

Least favorite foods: Gill can not stand pizza! Yep the all American girl can't stand the stuff.

Favorite music: That's a tough one. I know for a fact that without Kevin and Bean podcasts, life just wouldn't be the same for Gill. But music, favorite? hmmmm. Gill has been raised with music as a soundtrack, all kinds. She's probably have to pick alternative/punk, just like her dad. To me she'll always be Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl.

Favorite toys: Her GTI! And now her new Rabbit!

Favorite Books: The Jolly Postman. She also is liking the Twilight series. Gill loves to read.

Favorite item of clothing
: Right now, probably her work out clothes. She spends a lot of time at the gym.

What makes her happy
: Her Tall Guy. The beach. The two of those combined! oh and Ozzy, can't forget him.

What makes her sad
: Being far away from her sisters (and us too). And snow.